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Punishment - A La Suess
"When His pleasures, he was through,
He knew exactly what to do..."

Punishment you say... then Punishment it shall be.
Just please oh please don't tie me to a tree.
The bark is harsh upon my spine,
I do not wish to make friends with a pine.

If you must tie me down at all,
How about the bedroom, down the hall?
Secure me tightly to the bed
Just be careful for my head!

Leather cuffs to my wrist are bound,
Add the gag to insure no sound.
Then the nipples soon to clamp
Oh my Oh my, I'm getting damp!

"On the bed" You command,
With the flick of Your hand.
On my back I did lay
Oh my gosh... It's judgment day!

A blindfold placed over my eyes?
What the hell?!? A disguise??
I knew I should not have come today
For Master will soon have his way!

Arms extended over my head,
Secured tightly to the bed.
Legs spread wide for all to see,
Oh no!! I think I have to pee!

What's this I feel so nice and warm
Is it the quiet before the storm?
Between my legs the foam he spread
Oh thank goodness it was not my head.

She did not move... He did not cut.
The razor shaved His insolent slut.
Now the pussy it was bare
Nice and clean... it had no hair!.

He took the bottle of the lotion.
Pampered her with the motion.
Hips rocking side to side
No longer passion she could hide.

He asked her in an evil tone
As she began that lustfilled moan.
On the edge, she was near
"Do you wish to cum, My Dear?"

A muffled moan is all she could muster
But He knew by her glowing luster.
Permission she was told that she must seek,
But how? She could not speak!

Her head thrashing from side to side,
He mounted her and took a ride.
Plunging deep with every stroke,
Gosh they were but a kinky folk!

When His pleasures, he was through
He knew exactly what to do.
Turned her over ass held high,
Pointed up toward the sky!

Taking the crop in His hand
On her ass it did land.
Glowing colors of pink and red,
Until a tear did she shed.

He stepped back, his work to admire
That will teach her to conspire.
This is the story told and true
Of how the Master tamed the Shrew!

1999 QueenShrew

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