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"Devotion and Commitment... Two words for today -
Two words for tomorrow - a lifetime of rewards...


Tonight I struggle with My thoughts because I sit humbled by this
day's events. It was a day spent together working in My sarah's
garden, side by side, husband and wife, friends and lovers, Dominant and submissive.

It was a day filled with the hopes and plans of new life and color around our home. A day spent reflecting on the Earth and all She brings to us.

My mind wandered to the work at hand and the expected results of the fruits planted in our soil, and it reminded Me of the Commitment sarah and I made to each twenty years ago... A Commitment to Devotion.

Together, many years ago, we scratched the surface of the earth and into the shallow and narrow furrow we dropped a tiny seed. Patting the earth over and around the seed we sat together in wonderment and joy, giving thanks for the blessing of having found each other amidst the chaos of life. We had nothing except one another - we needed nothing but each other.

In a time of learning and discovery we sat quietly, preparing for a lifetime of expectation and a hope for tomorrow. And together we moistened the soil over our seed and allowed the warmth of the sun to embrace our newly planted relationship - its light comforting us as we waited to push skyward in anticipation of a forever deepening love and a more complete understanding.

With the passing of years we learned that to permit our love to grow and flourish, for our lives to be prosperous, we must gently cultivate the land around our seed. We discovered that if our seedling was to grow stronger we must pay close attention to it. Care for it. We learned how to protect it from the winds.... Secure it from the storm, prune away dead limbs and clear debris from around its base.

Side by side - together - We managed the care of our small tree and as the seasons came and went, Winter to Spring, Summer to Autumn, our roots pushed deeper still into the soil. Our foundation became stronger Our focus sharper. The survival of our endeavors paramount - we never lost sight in life's turmoil of the importance of Devotion. The importance of Commitment.

Twenty years have now passed since together we planted our seed. Today, in the early Autumn of our lives we continue to cultivate the soil around a now towering and majestic Oak. Today we still prune away branches damaged by frost, still nurture our Commitment to each other and still maintain the Devotion to that which we planted
so long ago.

Today we embrace a lifestyle born from these things we learned and harvested from yesterdays cultivation. Today we watch as tomorrow nears... Commitment... Devotion.

Today I am humbled in the presence of all who believe in Relationship - no matter what your definition may be or how you express it.

No matter what form it takes, I am humbled by your Devotion... I am humbled by your Commitment.

Devotion and Commitment... Two words for today - Two words for tomorrow - a lifetime of rewards.

For My sarah, from My heart I give to you today My promise of continued Love and affirm again that together, as always, we will prosper and grow. Just as we planted our seed and cared for it then, we care for it now in its maturity. Just as we dedicated ourselves to its maintenance then, we continue to maintain it now.
~ A lifetime of care ~ A lifetime of growth ~ A lifetime of reward ~

My Dominance reaps the rewards of your service. I am a fortunate Man. Your submission feeds My soul as it nurtures My body, just as it gives My flesh its due.

I am Committed to you.... I am Committed to us....

I am Devoted to you... I am Devoted to us...

Always in Dominance and Forever with Love

1999 LordThunder

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