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"We are the Keeper of her Hope... the Bearer of her Trust..
and the Guardian of her Commitment"

True Domination is a subtle thing. It quietly transcends force and walks silently through the forests of inequity. True Domination encourages desire and thus....produces the Smile of Wisdom.

Dominants are not created, We are born... born with a key that fits
the secret slot in the hearts of all submissives... a key which provides access to the needs of their hearts, bodies, and souls and a key
which opens the Gateway to Understanding their innermost, and often buried desires.

True Domination is recognizing the Responsibilty and Honor to accept the submissives belief in Us.

Dominants receive Our courage and direction from the strengths submissives' provide, dispersing all doubts through her belief in Us and her recognition of Our ability to lead and guide her without reservation or fear.

Dominants find Our energy through Our submissives' needs.. through her desires.. which in turn gives purpose to Our efforts. A true Dominant feels what Our submissive feels. We cry when she cries.... We laugh when she laughs and are pleasured by her pleasure.

True Dominants listen as Our submissive speaks..... We learn from her. Her words must be reflected in Our actions.. Our expertice is gained over time.. her satisfaction guaranteed by Our patience .

We are the Keeper of her Hope... the Bearer of her Trust.. and the Guardian of her Commitment. Together with Our love We live life to the fullest extent possible.

Computers make it very easy for aspiring Dominants to dominate someone from a distance. It is so simple in fact, that many have learned that by acting the part, playing the role, speaking the speak and walking the walk, they can give the aura of Domination without the resulting Responsibilities. This is especially true of 'on-line Dominants'. We often find that this acting is the beginning of the end and many have fallen tragically in this medium. Many have discovered that even if not genuinely Dominant they can put on an 'act" in this arena and thus have as many, no-strings-attached, cyber-slaves as
they like.

The problem surfaces when these "dominants" begin, as they often do, to believe their own silly propaganda and nonsense. They begin to consider themselves to be "superdoms", despite the fact that they have no experience in controlling anyone in real life, including themselves.

Domination is not what We do, it is what We are....

We are not created on line or over the telephone. In the face of testimonials to the contrary, Domination is not a learned trait. You either ARE Dominant... and ALWAYS have been.. or you ARE NOT.
It's that simple.

Although many Dominants, like submissives have repressed their nature for many years, when it is awakened We know.. We feel it.. it is real. We realize that Domination is not about sex, control or bullying women around. It is a subtle inner feeling of emotion. One which elicits a special response from those who recognize the aura.

Dominants see their own weaknesses and work towards creating a stronger inner which can be shared with the submissive without concern of reprisal or retribution.

Over a period of many years Dominance matures and blooms, in much the same way that submissive natures do. Understanding, Trust, Devotion, Commitment and Time, not words, mold a Dominant. Domination is much like the graceful bending of flowers in the wind. It requires a flexibilty to succeed. Dominants who will not bend with the needs, desires and fears of Our submissive partners will wake one morning to find Himself cold, alone and broken, left to wilt in a haze of confusion, a victim of Our own misunderstanding, distrust, lack of commitment and impatience.

We are seeing a change in our lifestyle. It is slow and subtle much like We are. The "Kneel Bitch" attitude of yesterday, is giving way to an overt Loving Dominant. One who professes caring and commitment in a new and different manner. One who acknowleges His needs as well as hers. One who breathes as she does and who walks beside her, her pathfinder and guide, mentor, protector, lover and friend.

Dominants must observe our submissives' through the glass of Our knowlege. We must see her in perfect detail. It is this detail which will allow Us to love her without distortion. And through Our love, return to her the fulfillment We find in her precious company.

The current prevailing philosophy is that long term open relationships in D/s appears to be emerging en masse in a manner not unlike the sexual revolution of the 1960's and 1970's. The closet kings and queens of our lifestyle are wearing business suits and uniforms over their leather thongs and boxers, often engaging in D/s activities and public functions as well as participating in open and honest discussions regarding Dominance and submission, absent the terror or stigma of being labeled 'kinky' or 'perverse'. It would not be surprising at all when in the very near future our lifestlye is as accepted by society as a whole as readily palatable as is lesbian and gay love.

Until then.... I remain yours in Domination

1999 LordThunder

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