Bright Ideas

"You fill me...with thoughts, desires, needs,
I never knew I had.."

You engulf my soul....

You take my body for your use...

You fill me...with thoughts, desires, and needs...

I never knew I had..

You make me let go

Let go of all I have known...

Give all I am to your desire..

You take my voice...

My mouth opens to speak..

And you claim it as your own..

Filling me with your tongue..

My eyes fill with unspent emotions...

Drawn to the surface by your safe hand..

Your gentlest caress...

Your harshest pain...

Releasing myself to you..

My mind, intelligent and strong...

My soul, kind and soft...

My body, beautiful, soft, kneeling

My spirit, open, flowing to you

You are indeed my Master...

You are the one, in whose care I am safe

Safe enough to be me...

You are the one, in whose care I find trust

Trusting you fully, with my thoughts and desires

You are the one, in whose care I find strength

Strength in my soul, my spirit, my body...

I am yours...

1998 indigo

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