Bright Ideas

"His voice never wavered. Much unlike mine....
I could barely speak."

The morning was bright and sunny....a perfect Delaware day. As I emerged from the shower, the thought hit, like a brick. OMG....the beach, naked, sand, shells. I trembled softly as my mind raced ahead of my day. Quickly I dressed in my short dress, the soft green one, adding matching bra and thong panties. I felt very sensual today.

My bag was packed with all the necessities, the car was ready. But was I? Double checking myself.... watch, bracelet, makeup, hair, butt plug.....everything was perfect! Well, except that the buttplug was making me so hot!! But, I suppose this wasnít all bad.

I stepped into the car at exactly 10, right on time. Nothing could go wrong today! I was on my way to see Master. As I drove down Rte 1, the radio played several songs I knew the words to. I became absorbed in my singing, and lost all track of time.

Suddenly, I heard the ringing of the siren. Knowing it couldnít be for me, I pulled to the side and slowed to allow the trooper to pass. To my dismay, he slowed and pulled over too. Sighing, I reached to the glovebox, taking out the necessary papers. As I leaned back, I noticed the Officer looking at me, I quivered, praying he didnít notice my nipples hardening, nor the look as I felt the buttplug squirm with me. No doubt He noticed the blush on my face, as I was feeling embarrassed as well as very aroused!

"Step from the car, Ma'am", His voice was strong and low. The kind that cut right to the center of one's being. My hesitation must have amused Him, as I saw the corners of His mouth turn up in a slight smile. My mind raced with thoughts. "How could he know? He seems to sense my discomfort ...oh God how am I gonna get out of this car with Him staring at me?"

Stepping a little closer, He lowered His voice and whispered in my ear..."Ma'!" I was startled, and yet, His whisper aroused me. He opened the door for me like a perfect gentleman. I lifted one foot from the car, and stepped out. breathing deeply, I tightened my bottom to keep the plug where it belonged. I heard a slight chuckle coming from the Officer, and immediately, I knew.... that He knew. I blushed deep red.

"Step away from the car, Pe.......Ma'am." Did I hear that..or imagine it?? OMG...I am hearing things, I must be!!! I stepped away from the car...slowly, keeping my butt clenched gave me more wiggle to my walk than normal, and I felt His eyes on me. "I need to search the car for any contraband, Ma'am. Do I have your permission?" Ohh geesh..the toys!!!!! ""Umm..err...umm..Sir......what contraband?", I stumbled over my words. If he found the paddle, the crop, the clamps, the dildos......OMG...I can't explain it to him!!!

"Ma'am, I will do it with or without your permission, but if there is anything you wish to tell me, better tell me now." His voice strong, I felt at such a disadvantage! Then I suddenly thought of Mark.... sitting in the Hotel room waiting for me, and I heard His reminder. "Don't be late, My Pet! I donít wish to be kept waiting!" Checking my watch, realizing I was going to be very late.....If I had to wait for the officer to search, I offered Him the keys to the trunk, slowly.

"" thrusting the keys at Him. "Look for yourself, Please!!" I turned away from Him. I wanted to die...or cum. I wasnít sure which and I wasnít sure it mattered. Tears began to trickle down my cheeks, as I realized I would have to explain this all to Mark, when I FINALLY get there. My back to the car and Officer, I wrapped my arms around myself, trembling with many thoughts. I wished I could run and hide!

Soon, I heard His footsteps approach. I stood VERY still. I felt His hands reach out and touch my shoulder. He whispered softly, "Where were you going in such a hurry, little one?" I gasped...thinking.."He called me little one.???? he knows????" "I...I...I...was going to the coast, S-s-sir." The tears stung my cheeks.

"Who were you to see at the coast, dear?" His voice never wavered. Much unlike mine.... I could barely speak. I felt his knee against the plug....gently urging it to stay where it was, yet wiggling to bring
more arousal.

Trembling very hard.....I whispered "My soon-to-be Master, Sir."

He chuckled. His warm breath on my neck, brought goosebumps. "Turn around, little one."

I eyes lowered, quivering madly with arousal, and fear.
He cupped my chin in his fingers...lifting my head. "Look at me, Little One" he commanded. My eyes slowly lifted to his. His deep brown eyes seemed to see right through me. "Yes, Sir?" my voice now
just a squeak.

"Pet.....I knew the moment I saw you. I will not give you a ticket for speeding this time. Be more careful in the future, as another officer might not understand." I struggled to keep from running. His eyes burning clear through to my soul. As he took hold of my hands, I felt the cuffs wrap around my wrists .....I struggled, but He was too strong! I was wrapped in fear. Who was this man?? He doesnít look familiar, and yet, he knows!

"Whoaaaa, Little one!! Calm down!" I stopped, looking to His eyes, I snarled "Who ARE You?" he only chuckled. "You will know soon enough, My Dear." He attached the leash to my collar. I realized, he had been into the bag, and was using my own things. I was terrified. The fear in my belly, was enhancing my arousal, and this confused
me greatly!

I stumbled as he led me into the trees beside the road. I had no choice but to follow. We walked about 250 ft into the woods, I kept looking around me as we walked..praying that someone would see. I began to yell, hoping someone would hear me. My face stained with huge tears. "Please, PLEASE, Sir.....PLEASE do not hurt me!" I begged.

He replied, "My Sweet, the very last thing I want is to hurt you. A submissive is to be cherished. I know this!"

I tried to take in his words. I wanted to believe, I was so terrified, I could not accept his words. As we neared the tree, I saw what looked like hooks, already there. Mystified, I looked for someone who could have done this. I wondered, "How many times, how many others has he already had here?" Shivering, I remembered the plug, I pushed at it, but I was way too tense to release it.

When we arrived at the tree, he lifted my hands to one of the hooks, slipping a metal connecting piece to my cuffs, and there I was. Clothed, yet, open. Angry, fearful, aroused. And thinking of Master, who waited for me to come. I prayed, he would call the authorities........Damn...the is the authorities who brought me to this tree!

As I came out of my self absorption, I shook my head to clear it. I saw movement in the bushes ahead of me. Was it help...or was it the wind???? Then, I heard it......a laugh......a chuckle......a familiar one.....My heart lept. ."HHHHHEELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!" My scream ended as I saw Him emerge from the trees. There He stood, His tall dark form, shadowed by the trees.

He stepped forward, shook hands with the officer. They talked in muffled whispers. His eyes never left me. He moved to me, wrapping His strong lengthy arms around me. He kissed me firmly on the lips. "My Pet, My Sweet, ..." I laid my head to His shoulder.

"Master....I was so afraid!!!!" the tears slipped down my cheeks wetting His shoulder. He reached beneath my dress cupping my pussy.

"But You are SOOO wet, My slave!!!", He chuckled. He tasted the juices that coated His fingers. "And soo tasty!!! Ron, want a taste?", he asked of the Officer. I nearly died! I wanted to crawl in a hole. My face blushed deep red, as the Ron stepped forward, sliding a finger deep inside me, wiggling it against the plug. I looked at Master.....trembling. His smile, the softness of His eyes told me I was safe.

Ron removed His finger, tasting of my juices, and He smiled. "That is the sweetest pussy, I have tasted in ages, Mark!"....My legs quivered. I began to rock my hips. The fear passing, the intense arousal setting in, I knew nothing but the sounds of the birds, and the voice of Master. My eyes closed to slits.

"Master..?" "Yes, Pet?" "Master.....please......I am so hot!!!"

He grinned..."Not yet, My Sweet." he reached high, unhooking me from the tree, letting my aching arms lower slowly.

Master sat on a tree stump. He motioned to Ron to sit beside Him.

"Pet...come to me. Tell me what You need."

Slowly, I walked to Master...kneeling in the grass, my shoulders back, eyes lowered. "Master.. I need to CUM!" the last word came out much louder than I had intended, and I cringed.

"My slave, you need a red ass!" he chuckled. "Now, get up here, and lay across my lap."

"Yes, Master."

I crawled across His lap, he lifted my dress, stroking my bottom in slow soft circles. I began to squirm. Each time He nudged the plug, sent a spark up my spine, and directly to my swollen pussy. My hips raised and lowered on his lap. He teased at my pussy lips. I could hear both men laughing as I squirmed.

"Now, pet......what was it you wanted, again???" His voice very low.

"Master....I want anything that will bring me release!!! I will do ANYTHING, Master..PLEEASE??"

>Swat< >Swat< >Swat< >Swat< >Swat< His hand felt warm and familiar as he began to spank my bottom, not touching the plug, but instead, avoiding it like the plague. I squirmed, trying to make contact with anything...anything to find release. In between the "swats", I felt something light touching the soles of my feet. I began to kick at it, until I felt Ron's strong hands clamp on my ankles. I twisted and tried to turn. >SWAT!< a stinging slap to my bare bottom. "Oouch!!!" the sting spread to my the sparks that were already there. "Be Still, Pet!" was Master's command. Settling to mind and soul collided, as the feather found its way up and down the souls of my feet, and Master's hand intermittently caressed and slapped my ass. The sting, the tickle, the pain, the pleasure. My pussy aching for release. "Please, Master...Pleeeeeeease may I cum for You???"

"Cum, NOW, Pet!" he began to spank my bottom harder and softer.....keeping a rhythm with the bucking of my hips....Ron ran his hands up and down my legs.....stroking at my clit when he reached my pussy. I no longer had control. As Master pulled the plug from my bottom, my body spasmed and writhed. My moans first soft and low, grew louder and more urgent. My head grinding onto Master's hips, muffling my moans. I must have been in this position for 10 or 15 minutes, before coming down from the high.

Master and Ron continued to stroke my body, my legs, my cheeks, until I was back to them....and aware of where we were. I turned my face, looking up at Master, smiling softly. "Thank You, Master. Thank You!"

"Donít thank me yet, Pet. We have Ron for the rest of the afternoon.
I intend to make full use of you." I shivered softly.....rising to kiss
my Master.

As Ron went back to move the cars out of site, and bring the toys, Master turned me to sitting in His lap. Taking my chin in His hand, lifting my face to His, he said, "Pet...You make me VERY proud! You have done well, and the rest of the afternoon shall be your reward."

By the time Ron returned from the car, I had removed my dress and was kneeling naked before Master. My eyes sparkling, my voice but
a squeak as I asked, "Master....Please may I bring You pleasure with my lips?"

He smiled softly. "Is that what You desire, My Sweet?"

"Yes, Master....more than anything!" My tongue danced across my lips.

"Patience, Pet" was His only reply.

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