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Characteristics of a Slave
~Strength ~Respect ~Loyalty ~Openness
~Honesty ~Spirit ~Wit ~Intelligence ~

A slave is strong, not strong like a man, but strong inside. Her character is that of wanting to please. She serves because it is pleasure to her. She has the inner strength to go places inside herself that her Master guides her. She cannot be weak emotionally, or these places could push her over the edge.

A slave is respectful. The first portion of respect is SELF-respect. If a slave does not respect herself, then no one else will either. Self-respect most probably includes self-esteem, taking care of herself mentally emotionally as well as physically. Self-respect could include such things as getting enough sleep, eating right, etc. A slave shows respect to her Master by carrying out His orders as he wishes. She shows respect to her Master and others by being polite, mannerly,
and pleasant.

A slave is loyal to her Master's wishes. She is also loyal to herself.
A slave should never do anything that is against her own moral standings. She also will never allow another to touch her in ways that would be displeasing to her Master. She knows who owns her and thrives in his ownership.

A slave is open and honest. She holds nothing back, revealing all
that she is to her Master. Openness and honesty lead to better communication, allowing her Master to do the job he should, and to know what responsibilities he takes on. Her openness allows Him also to be more open, thus building trust between them and a deeper submission of the slave.

Spirit is difficult to describe. A slave must have spirit. I don't speak of spiritedness, as that is different. Spiritedness is feisty and bratty. Spirit refers more to a brightness emanating from within. It is a light in her eyes, visible to a few...those who understand her slaveheart.

A slave needs to be intelligent. Serving includes the mind as well as the body. She needs to be able to challenge her Master mentally. To please Him and with her thoughts, ideas, and input on things he wishes. She needs to be able to understand His instructions and to carry on a conversation on a multitude of topics, as they cannot
always be 'in scene'

Being a slave is not always easy. Keeping a sense of humor
when things seem insurmountable is paramount to focusing on
her submission. It also helps to balance the darkness of her desires
at times.

A slave finds peace and contentment in serving her Master. She is a reflection of Him. She is his property, his possession, his responsibility. A slave shows focus, always keeping her Master in the forefront of her mind. As she goes about her day, she uses her own intelligence and strength to do things in ways that are pleasing to her Master.

I am a slave because it is in my soul to be. I find pleasure in the pleasing of another. I thrive on another's direction, control, and presence in my life, and soul. Being a slave is not something I choose to be, it is simply who and what I am. It is my desire to serve a Master, to find the strength, courage, openness, honesty, etc that it takes to be a good slave.

Lately, I have slipped. I have gone against who and what I am....
out of an aching emptiness, a lonely pain. In my vanilla life, I am happy. Things could be better, but they are not bad. I am finding
some peace and contentment in my vanilla life. But the ache of a slave to be used very painful for me. I have lost focus, and control of my desires to the point where it interferes with my dealings with others. I am struggling to regain focus and balance. I will find it. I know it is there.

1999 indigo

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