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"We can gain strength, courage, and confidence by each
experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face...
We must do that which we think we cannot."
--Eleanor Roosevelt

Strength is knowing when to say....I cannot follow this path any longer.

Strength is standing firm by your values,
      even when they are challenged.

Strength is what is not seen.
      It is a firm stance centered in your own personal belief.

Strength is being able to cry, when the all around you are smiling.

Strength is knowing who you are....and loving yourself anyway.

Strength is following your mind,
      when your heart chooses a different direction.

Strength is doing what is right for you,
      though it may not be right for everyone.

Strength is being able to step back and examine,
      when your body and soul tell you to press forward.

Strength is being able to say no, when you know something isnt right.

Strength is looking yourself in the mirror, and liking what you see.

Strength is caring enough about your mate,
      to say no to what you crave,
        because you love him.

Strength is saying yes to your mate, because you know she craves it,
      though you dont exactly understand.

Strength does NOT mean being stronger physically.

Strength does NOT mean controlling.

Strength does NOT mean coercing.

Strength means being flexible enough to say, "I am wrong"

Strength means caring enough to say, "I made a mistake, I apologize".

Strength is seen in the eyes, felt in the heart, and heard in the tone.

1999 indigo

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