Bright Ideas

The Three of Us
"I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."
--Douglas Adams

I entered the room, slowly. My eyes looking at their feet. My mind racing a million miles an hour. I glanced up, my eyes meeting Sally's. Her smile and bright eyes, gave relief to many of my fears. My mind slowed a bit. Moving my eyes to Sensei's, I felt a shiver run my spine. For months, I had been following His instructions, submitting to His wishes as He trained me over the computer, and on the phone. But now......He was here. Sally was here. I stood silently, trembling, more from anticipation than any real fear.

"Come to me, Karen," His voice, strong and sure.

I walked to Him with confident steps. Lowering to my knees, my eyes searched Sally's for support. She nodded, I saw the love in her eyes. My knees parted wide instinctively. I pulled my shoulders back, bringing my hands to rest on the small of my back, held my head high, and lowered my sparkling green eyes.

"Well done, Karen," He tilted my head, smiling into my eyes, and His lips met my forehead. I shivered as the warmth of His lips met my skin. Sally reached out and caressed my shoulder in approval.

"Sally, please show Karen where to place herself for our session."

"yes, Master," she replied.

I rose, following Sally to the bedroom. We exchanged sisterly quips, giggling mostly from nervousness. She told me to look around, and teased that Sensei would be using ALL of the spanking toys on me, since I loved it so much. I felt the wetness growing between my legs
at the thought. Yet, I shook nervously, wondering if I could indeed handle what was in store for me. Sally noticed the deep red blush
and laughed.

"Sis," Sally began, "You are WAY too nervous!" Laughing, I said, "And who made me that way, Sis?". We both laughed, releasing some of the pent up nerves.

Sally helped me position on the bed. Plastic had been placed on the bed with a sheet over it, for my shaving.

I heard Sensei as He entered the room, and my eyes sought His,
then lowered. I felt the warmth of His hands as He caressed my ankles, just before putting the burgundy leather cuffs on. Securing them snugly, but not tight to my ankles. He clipped each to it's own hook, attached to the foot of the bed. Sally attached the wrist cuffs. Her soft hands comforting my nerves. I smiled up at her, whispering,
"Thank you, Sis".

I could feel Sensei's eyes on me, recording every inch, every nook and cranny. I squirmed slightly, the heat of His eyes making me throb.

"Karen, one thing I insist on, is a smooth pussy. I prefer to do it myself. Something like, stripping you of what you were, and bringing forth the new you." I shivered. The new me had been much too long hidden.

The washcloth was hot on my pussy lips. He wetted the hairs, warming them so the shaving would go smoothly. I relaxed, closing my eyes, feeling my lips warm, which in turn warmed my clit. I took a deep breath, relaxing further.

As soon as I felt warm and tingly, the washcloth was removed and Sensei applied the shave cream. I jumped as the cold shaving cream took away the warmth of the washcloth. Of course, it created a warmth of it's own!

A soft moan escaped. I heard Sally laugh softly. “She likes this as much as I do, Master." She grinned. My nipples perked up, as I squirmed a little. Sensei chuckled, "Remember the first time shaved you, My slave?"

Sally blushed. "Master!!"

I could see the evil grin on Sensei's face. He chuckled at the blush He was able to bring to Sally’s cheeks, both sets.

"Hold very still, Karen," he instructed. Biting my lip, I did my best to be still, but the cool hard feeling of the razor sliding over my mons drove me mad. My back arched, pulling at my restraints.

"Still, I said!", His voice in a whisper. I could see in His eyes he meant business. I fought my desire to move, and became very still. "Yes, Sensei, " I whispered.

The razor slide smoothly over the soft hairs of my pussy lips. Squeezing my buttocks, I could feel the arousal in my pussy. I knew the wetness was there, I could feel it mixing with the shaving cream. Sensei instructed Sally to come to Him. She did, of course.

"Hold her lips open, slave, so that I can shave the stubborn little hairs at the top."

Sally’s hands were cold...I shuddered.

Here I was-- open wide for them. My mind and soul had long ago been opened to them. And this was the final step, in opening. I breathed softly, taking in all the sounds, smells, sights and feelings incorporated in this-the biggest step. My mind focused again, as Sensei finished the shaving. Sally smiled up at me. Whispering, "You did great, Sis!"

I saw Sensei nod to Sally...the look of anticipation mixed with fear on Sally’s face. Sensei caressed her shoulder , kissing her neck gently. Sally reached tentatively to my pussy. I shivered, not knowing what would come next. I felt the gentle stroking of her touch. My nipples hardened immediately. I swallowed hard, realizing how excited I was becoming. Sally slid her finger easily inside me, then turned, offering my juices to her Master. I bit my lip, not so gently. My hips undulating on the bed, my eyes lowered.

Sensei wrapped his lips around Sally’s fingers, licking and sucking them gently. Sally moaned softly. I could feel her pleasure as her other hand continued to rub my clit. My juices wetted her fingers, letting them slide easily over my hardened nub. Her fingers knew just the right spot, to keep me moving toward the edge slowly.

Sensei nodded again to Sally, as my moans grew louder. She stopped rubbing my clit and stepped back. I whimpered.

Sensei chuckled. "What's wrong, Karen?" I squirmed, raising my hips toward Him, beckoning Him to touch. His chuckle became a laugh. "There is plenty of time for that, DearOne. But now, we need to turn you over. My crop is itching for that snow white ass." My whimpers grew more urgent."and don’t you DARE orgasm without permission, Karen!" I breathed deeply, biting my bottom lip, hoping to distract myself, as Sally and Sensei unhooked my restraints.

Turning to my belly, I was restrained a bit looser. Testing my boundaries, I shivered. I heard the crop swish through the air and I flinched. Sally laughed.

"Sally, secure your leash to the chair," Sensei ordered. He neared Sally, flicking a finger over her nipples until they were hard. "The clamps, slave." Sally took out the clamps, securing first one and then the other, drawing in a short breath as she secured the clamps. Watching her, my own nipples reacted, knowing the sensation she
was experiencing.

"Karen, "he said, rubbing the crop gently over my cheeks, "I want you to watch Sally. Watch as she strokes herself. She does this for Me, because it pleases me to see her. She gives this to me, out of love." My head turns, my cheeks blushing, having never been quite so close to another woman playing with herself. I cannot make my eyes meet Sally’s, as I know we would both want to die.

The gentle stroking of the crop becomes a light tapping, as my eyes focus on Sally. Sensei catches me off guard with a sharper swat to my bottom. Moaning softly as the effect of the sting ripples to my clit, I can see the juices collecting on Sally's fingers. Sensei admires his red marks, and then brings another....'swissssssssh'...."smack!" hips begin to move.....moving away at first...then stretching to find the source of the pain, the pleasure. Sensei begins a rhythm. As soon as I think I have the rhythm, it changes, I squirm ALOT, and Sensei laughs.

My juices begin to dampen my thighs, the stings sending lil shudders of pleasure to my pussy, my soul. I stretch toward Sally. Her pussy open and inviting....but not mine to have. My eyes seek Sensei's, His mind on His artistic strokes. He watches Sally with a proud smile. He knows what I want. But he knows what Sally and I need. and what HE wants, most importantly.

My ass rises to meet each stroke, my pussy throbbing and wet. "Sensei..pleeease..pleeeease may I cum?" "Karen....cum for who?" "For Youuuuuuuuuuu, Sensei!!!" "No, you may not" My mind travels to someplace unknown. My NEED is to cum.....I fight it. My mind mixing the pain with the pleasure, making them one.

Sensei replaces the crop with the flogger. He begins a gentle pattern from my shoulders to my feet, making sure to sensitize each cell of my skin. The tails flick quickly over the clamps on Sally with each stroke on my back. Sensei smiles proudly at His newest trick. His slave and His traineee, both dancing on the edge. We squirm almost in unison....dancing for His delight. He steps between us, as we both moan and writhe, our words in unison....""Master...PLEEEEEASE may I cum for YOU??" Sally struggles to send forth the words, "Sensei... PLEASEEEE Sir .....please may I cum for You??" His smile tells all. Sensei reaches between my legs, His hand quickly covered in juices. His right hand, seeking the same in Sally and finding it.

"Cum for me, NOW!" It is a command, and not a request. We (Sally and I) dance at the edge for but a second. Our bodies writhing, wriggling, our minds lost in His pleasure. His face lighting up, as we come to orgasm together at HIS command. Our moans, music to His ears, our dances, music to His eyes.

Sensei allows us both to come down easily, the aftershocks almost as strong as the orgasms themselves. Sally moves to the bed with her Master's strong arms supporting her. Sensei unties my restraints, leaving the cuffs. He slides in between us, wrapping one arm around each. He sighs contentedly. "You have done well, My sweet slave. I am so very proud of the growth you have attained today!" He kisses her full on the mouth, their lips part, tongues entwining.

Sensei turns to me, he smiles." And you, My sweet trainee, have made Me proud also!", He kisses my lips softly. I raise...looking over Sensei at Sally....She raises, looking at me...we lean together, a soft kiss shared, whispering to her, "Thank you, Sis...for all you have taught me." "Thank you, Sis...for bringing such pleasure to my Master and I"

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