Bright Ideas

"I stand before you ~ my eyes begin to see ...
All that there is living inside of me..."

I stand before you with my eyes downward cast
It is answers I seek, to the questions unasked.
Confused and bewildered ~ alone and sad
Then why am I not filled with rage or even mad?
Fate is mine I hear you say
Then enlighten me ~ Show me the way!

Slow I begin my head to rise
Is it the beginning of my demise?
I struggle with the darkness ~ is it out or in?
I fight constantly ~ will there ever be a win?
Perhaps today I will strong enough to look
And see the answers not written in a book.

There is a head ~ filled with ideas and thought
Finely honed ~ exceptional and wrought.
Stumbling around like a child lost
Seeking answers at most any cost.
What do you mean when you say look inside
Are the answers there and from me they hide?

Lower, are the eyes bright and clear
Filled with pain and often fear.
Hidden are the emotions ~ I do it well
Hidden deep within this protection I call a shell.
Caring and strong they must always be
You know ~ they have expectations of me!

The lips fill the air with sounds of glee
Little do they know... It's really not me.
Singing songs of happiness, love and life
Helping friends in their times of strife.
But alas ~ the one thing they miss
Is the passion that lies within a kiss.

In the strong beating of my heart is told
The story of sadness, lonely and cold.
A void that lives within longing to belong
Perhaps that is what is missing from my song.
Wait ~ I think I'm beginning to understand
What will happen if I extend my hand.

Reaching out into the darkness looking for light
I am here alone in my plight.
Now I think I found the source of my toll
It lies right here within me ~ it is my soul.
The journey is not easy and often long
To find one's self and where we belong.

I stand before you ~ my eyes begin to see
All that there is living inside of me.
A person of warmth, passion and fear
That hides behind the smile, a tear
I stand before you ~ as I make the connection
I stand before me ~ looking at my reflection.

1999 RubySteps

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