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The Beauty of BDSM
"It is the acceptance of it from my slave...
that is where I find the true beauty of S/M"

The paradox:
I am not a sadist - I do not get pleasure from inflicting pain on a stranger or an animal. It saddens me to see people being tortured by fascist regimes- yet I love to torture my slave.

The explanation:
When I was younger I thought love was a receiving discipline - but as I grew older I learned that true love is a giving thing - nothing in the world makes me happier than bringing pleasure to my loved ones. It even beats when they please me (ah well, close anyway). *g*

What pleases me in life is beauty, love, devotion and honesty. There are many ways for a person to express these things,- you can buy flowers, you can caress your loved one, sing to them, make them laugh, bake bread and all kinds of things.

Most of these things however, have an upper limit that can be reached fairly easily.

When you are pleasing your loved one in all the nicest ways you can think of - how do you add to it? How do you express even more depth than being as nice, sweet, and good to him/her as you possibly can?

I have found that this can be done by showing even more devotion than it takes to do all the nicest things in the world. By showing your Master that you are his - to an extent that out does "being your own". You are his to do with as he pleases - good or bad, in pleasure or pain. You're his completely, because you love him and even more, you trust him. You trust him enough to give yourself completely to him - not limited by the vanilla "I am yours as long as its nice". You are his entirely - which means that it's up to him to define a purpose for you in life - that is, to me, the deepest devotion one person can possibly show to another. It is the deepest form of respect, trust and love - which to me is beauty!

The slave's acceptance of pain/humiliation/whatever is a deep way to show complete devotion and love - and THAT gives me a kick. It's not the pain/humiliation/whatever in and of itself, it is the acceptance of it from my slave - that is where I find the true beauty of S/M.

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