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"...It is not Choice which causes concern,
but the effect of choice on our lives..."


With cyber pen in hand I am thinking about choice tonight ~
choice and victory.

We have the unique, distinct ability to choose as adults. Choice is sacred, precious. We have the ability to consider those things we enjoy and the choice to partake in them as we please. We have choice in all things - our work, our play, our friends and those whom we have yet to understand. We have choice.

I wonder at the simplicity of the word choice. Yet the complexity of the act bewilders Me to the extent that I often find Myself contemplating why making choices are so difficult at times. I imagine it has something to do with Change, for Choice often involves her cousin Change.

I believe it is not Choice which causes concern, but the effect of choice on our lives. It is the effect of choice that we fear, not making the decision. The fear of Change and all that it represents makes us ponder Choice. Therefore, it is Fear that must be repressed when making a choice, fear of change and the reaction to the change that without doubt will soon follow. It is here that we emerge Victorious.

I believe it takes courage to face change, courage to embrace the ability to choose, courage to face fear and to unveil it for what it really is resistance to change. Courage to be Victorious... Courage.

Resistance to change is an ingrained human trait. Flexibility in the face of change often strengthens the primeval instincts in us. To fight or flee choice is to bind our souls to a predetermined existence. To remain flexible is to allow growth, from which understanding emerges in victory.

Aristotle once said that the "most difficult victory is that victory over ones self". I find this most true.

The growth experienced this year ~ the changes faced and overcome ~ the victories over fear ~ the victories over Myself. These represent the total eclipse of My life.

There can be no other way for Me...

Thank you all for being a wonderful part of My choice and for joining Me in victory ~ in My Peace.

1998 LordThunder

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