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The Knife
"The coolness of the blade as You lay it upon my bare shoulder, sends a shiver through me..."

It has never occurred to me to be disobedient to you. The foundation of trust that we both build, maintain and nurture seems almost alive within each of us -- strong and mature. Time you have given to teaching me this precious trust and obedience has been so important and I have never taken it for granted. Perhaps its significance can best be understood by an event, if you will, that you created so that I might glimpse the depths of trust between us.

Holding my face in your hands and looking deeply into my eyes you said, "Stand perfectly still. Do you understand me?" I tell you that I understand and that I will, but you continue to hold my face...searching my eyes for something.

Again you speak to me. "I trust that you will obey me and that you will stand still. This is very important. Do you understand?" Once again I reply that I understand and I will obey you. You find the trust in my eyes...slowly releasing my face.

Turning your back to me and moving to a small table by the wall you open a drawer and withdraw something...I do not move, but wonder what you are holding. I hear a click and a slow, soft, raspy sound of metal upon you turn and I see the knife in Your hand.

I look from the cold gleam of the knife to your eyes...heart fluttering nervously, my knees weak. I do not move. You walk slowly toward me, knife in hand, turning it slowly, the light dancing on the blade, staring at me over the knife....and I am trying so hard not to tremble. Reaching....straining... I find the foundation of trust as I see that you are trusting me as much as I am trusting you... You commanded me to stand still and You are trusting that I will.

I am neither bound nor blindfolded as you move behind me and lean close to my ear. I can feel the warmth of Your body you are so near me. Feeling the warmth of Your breath as you speak to me...low, calm and confident....two words.... "Stand still."

The coolness of the blade as you lay it upon my bare shoulder, cutting edge to the front, sends a shiver through me. Slowly, I feel you drawing the blade down, over my shoulder blade....the top edge leading. Involuntarily I quiver as you draw it down my back... over the swell of my cheek.....down....under....down the back of my thigh slowly, across the back of my knee, down my calf to my heel. A soft moan escapes my throat as you pull the blade away from me and I relax a bit....until...

You lay the blade upon my other shoulder. Leaning close to my ear, you again tell me, "Stand still." Taking a slow deep breath, I feel the blade moving down the same path on the opposite side of my back......again I shudder ever so slightly.... concentrate...concentrate.... still...stand still... and then You reach my heel....and pull the blade away from me. My knees are weak...breathing shallow.... but I have remained still.

Stepping around to face me, you find me with lowered eyes and raise my face with your fingertips beneath my chin. Looking up I see you holding the knife before me....between us....but not between our eyes.. I begin to shake slighly as you place the knife against the side of my face and draw it downward, and then down the side of my neck. I feel my head tilting as I lean in to the caress of the blade. You bring your mouth toward mine for what seems like a kiss...and breathe one word onto my lips...."Watch."

Turning the knife 90 degrees you place it upon my collarbone. I watch as You begin the slow descent of the blade....watching as it sinks slighly into my soft breast. I see it, a glint of the candlelight...hypnotic, as you draw it closer to my hard nipple, with the leading edge of the blade catching on my nipple and pulling slighly.....another soft moan escapes me and I shudder again. You put a finger to my lips to quiet me and continue downward with the blade..pressing into the soft underside of my breast and then across my ribs and belly to my hip.....down. Ever so slowly, the front of my thigh...over my knee and shin to my ankle and across the top of my foot....

I am trembling to the point of shaking when You pull the knife away from me. "Stand still jenny," you tell me quietly again...and place the blade on my other collarbone. I take a deep breathe as the knife begins its slow dance down my body, once again following the path down my breast..pressing in....teasing my nipple and then moving in excruciating slowness to the top of my foot.

You place the knife under my chin and press upward...raising my face to bring my eyes up to meet yours. "Watch the blade," You say again. "Spread your thighs so I won't cut you," you tell me...and I do.

Taking the knife, you press it against my shaven pussy...bare lips on bare metal....and you press a little more. And although I can feel the extreme wetness of my arousal, as you move the blade up and down slighly I can feel the pull of it on my bare flesh. My body is visibly shaking now as I fight to maintain concentration, control.....still....stand still..... don't move.... be still....

Your voice is calm, reassuring and confident as you simply say "Cum for me now." My body convulses slightly as I feel the release of control......yet staying ....standing...... still.

I do not recall becoming unstable but I must have, for you moved the knife away to keep from cutting me and near collapse, you lowered me gently to the floor and sat there holding me for a bit....your fingers in my hair, calling me slowly back to You in a quiet, steady voice .

1999 jenny

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