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Sub Utility Quotient

The following is a list by which submissives may judge (or be judged) as to how useful they are to their Mistress. I developed it based on my own subs activities (most of which they thought up themselves and requested I let them do) and then enhanced during conversations with an online submissive (not mine mind you. :) I hope it provides many good ideas on how a slave/sub can be useful in a service-oriented relationship; making the domme's life more pleasant and stress free. The items on the list are not intended to be part of fantasy play, but rather real tasks performed regularly by the slave/sub without the need to be reminded or 'ordered', and with as little supervision as possible. A slave with a high UQ makes Mistress' life easier, not more difficult, by his presence.

The scoring is easy. There are fifty items on the list. Two points are scored for every task done regularly (without the need of reminders), one is scored if the task is not desired by the Domme or simply does not apply, and zero points are scored otherwise.

I recommend that the sub take a self-exam, scoring himself and assigning a Utility Quotient. Afterwards, he should request that his partner administer the scoring. A comparison of how well the sub believes he rates vs. his score given by his partner will prove quite enlightening and should lead to some interesting conversation!

If you've been reading my articles, you know that true submission requires you to learn the needs of your partner. Therefore, this list is nothing more than a starting point. I welcome new ideas to the list and am anxious to hear what your partners are adding / removing.

Score well!

- Rika

The Sub Utility Quotient

Score: 2 points for tasks done regularly, 1 point for task not desired or not applicable, and 0 points for tasks not done regularly.

1. Cook all meals and clean up afterwards.
2. Prepare a weekly menu and review it with your partner
3. Do the shopping for the food, track food usage,
and keep the kitchen stocked.
4. Clean the bathrooms (with brushes and cleanser, not your tongue)
5. Make the beds (including the pillows).
6. Do the laundry, iron, fold and put away.
7. Dust and vacuum and yes, do the windows too :)
8. Put out potpourris, candles, or oils with her favorite scents so that the house is always fragrant.
9. Feed, bathe, and groom the pets.
10. Take the children to school (or bring them to the bus stop).
11. Do home repairs within your capabilities.
12. Take the garbage pails to the curb on garbage nights.
13. Clean the pails after the garbage has been collected.
14. Package the recycling, wrap the newspapers and bring them to the curb on recycling days.
15. Prepare the monthly bills and payments for review and prepare all checks for the domme's signature.

Yardwork** :
16. Mow, edge, and trim the yard regularly.
17. Take care of the garden beds and trim the trees.
18. Make certain the lawn and flower beds are watered regularly.
19. Care for the pool and spa.
20. Keep the patio, drive, and garage swept and clean,
including cobwebs.
21. Remove the leaves from the gutters.
**(these items may be marked as 2 points each if the work is done by a lawn service AND the sub manages the relationship (i.e., payment, negotiations, appointment management, etc)

Nightly Activities:
22. Bring late night snacks while his partner watches TV.
23. Give up the remote! LOL!
24. Go on the Internet and research the Dish schedule (or TV Guide) and print out items which are of interest to the domme.
25. Get on the Internet and read the papers and her magazines to create the equivalent of an executive clipping service... articles of interest with key points highlighted.
26. Take down her bed (including the pillows).
27. Sit on the toilet seat before she needs to go in (in the winter it gets kind of cold).
28. Take her cell phone from her bag and put it on the charger (and then put it back in her bag, turned on, in the morning).
29. Draw the blinds and shades (and open them in the morning).
30. Put toothpaste on her toothbrush.
31. Fill her glass with water.
32. Bring her slippers.
33. Brush her hair.
34. Lay out the clothes she selects and press as appropriate.
35. Light scented candles, and put them out after she is asleep.
36. MASSAGE her back until she falls asleep (every night) :) :) :)

In the Car:
37. Keep a pager or cell phone so you can be called to pick her up at a moments notice.
38. Ask her if she'd prefer to drive!
39. If not, drive her wherever she needs to go and wait for her to
come out.
40. Arrive at the front of the building within 10 seconds of her first step outside the door, 5 if the weather is not good. Keep an umbrella handy and escort her to the car if it's raining.
41. Keep her favorite magazines and CDs in the car.
42. Never, ever criticize her driving or suggest a "quicker way" (unless she requests it).
43. Wash the car regularly inside and out.
44. Preheat and de-ice the car on cold mornings.

Around the House:
45. Pee sitting down so that the toilet seat is never up and you don't leave "droplets".
46. Prepare her bath (and the kid's baths, if appropriate) and run the water until it's warm for her showers.
47. Paint her toenails.
48. Pick up her shoes from the front hallway and carry them to her closet, inspect them and polish them as need be (with real polish,
not saliva).
49. Keep her favorite magazines, books and CD's ready in her favorite sitting areas.
50. Answer the phone and make phone calls for her (such as ordering items she's marked in a catalogue).

How'd you do?

2001 MsRika

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